Starting a Daily Blog in 2021

I wish I had started something like this years ago, but for the wrong reasons.

Somewhere in my head, there's a belief always there, hiding from me, that says if I had started much earlier, then I might currently be enjoying the success that others have. With a blog for example, I'm imagining thousands of daily readers and published collections sitting on the shelf, all available to me if I had only started sooner.

Not only is this not true (it could be, but doubtful), it's a dangerous mentality that could easily block me from ever starting or pursuing anything at all. Starting something now does not mean I have less energy available to give it than if I had started sooner. Furthermore, it's a disservice to myself to only focus on the things that I have yet to start and ignore the things I have already done.

So I am aware of how easily I compare my initial interest in a pursuit against the accumulated skill of seasoned experts, but I have another belief that outweighs the first. It's also extremely unreasonable, but in a way that enables me to try things, and fail in a way that pushes me forward as a human being. It's the belief that whatever I decide to do, I can do.

That's all I need. I really just want to be willing to attempt. Results aren't as important to me. What matters most is that I'm willing to live a life full of effort. A discussion can be had around what is worth continuing with and what deserves to be cut loose, but at the beginning of things, when I feel strong emotion towards possibility, I need to see action and not hesitation.

This is the first post in what I am initially intending to be a daily blog. I'm approaching it as kind of a journal used to document my thoughts, beliefs, projects, triumphs, and failures. I recognize the importance of choosing a niche, so the niche I've chosen for now is my collection of interests. At times they can be pretty broad, but I think they're connected by relevant themes, and I'm excited to explore them.

I'm not sure what form that will take as things continue, but the goal is to keep things brief and instinctive, and never take it too seriously. Thinking ahead, I would be excited to have even one month's history of successful posts, so I plan to just start there.

The awesome thing is that by just writing this first post, my productive belief has won out against my limiting one. I have written a blog post that no one will read (for now), and I will always prefer that to having nothing for them to read at all.