Respect your ideas

Having an idea by itself does not make you a creative person, but any idea that comes you has power and importance. Whether it is the stepping block to another idea or simply something to help you steer clear of poor decisions, it deserves your respect.

Don't dismiss your ideas with any of the common excuses, calling the idea either unoriginal, or too difficult, or too unreasonable, or too off brand.

On the other hand, don't treat your ideas as these rare monoliths of inspiration that must be revered above all else.

The ideas will continue to come to you in an endless stream of suffocating potential as long as you create the environment necessary for them to appear.

The first part is to respect your ideas. They represent you. Write them down, preserve them, think them over.

The second part is to let your ideas find you working. The stream of ideas is endless, but if you only let them come and never act on any of them, even in the smallest of ways (writing them down), then they might try the house next door.