Dig slightly deeper

Imagine you're mining for gold, armed only with a pickaxe and healthy ambition. You finally hit a small vein after a full day's work and this is the first you've seen in weeks.

It's imperative that you go just a little deeper and expand out from that spot, ensuring that you're not leaving any gold behind.

If you're learning a new skill, or seeking out information on a specific problem, find what you need at that moment and then dig just a little deeper.

For example, if you're learning how to add a solid border to a button in CSS, take a moment to read about adding gradient animations as well. If you're learning about the proper watering schedules for specific flowers, take a moment to read about their potential uses and atmospheric benefits.

You may only need distinct information now, but you're already down in the shaft with the pickaxe. You might as well swing it a few more times.