Hi, I'm Eric and I'm writing
a book about

I'm not a published author though. Yet.

Right now I'm a software engineer with 7+ years of experience. I've used all kinds of technologies, but recently I've been learning React and spending more time in AWS.

I love making things and do that in a lot of different areas.

Game Development / YouTube

I'm building an audience as I work on my game Population Undefined. I love solving problems and even more I love teaching others what I learned along the way.

Check out one of my favorite videos here.

Mobile App Development

Some of the apps I've made have been games, but not all of them. I made a crocheting stitch counter that has gained quite a following, and recently I created a minimalist meditation app that I'm hoping to build an audience for.

Generative Art

I create generative art with Python and JavaScript. If you're on desktop, you can see an example to the right!

Other Random Stuff

A few other things I love talking about...